乔治亚学院非常重视环境问题. Official policy requires us to keep environmental concerns in mind in everything we do. This ranges from curriculum 和 classrooms to products we purchase 和 how we deal with our waste.


云顶集团游戏最近的战略计划中有一项承诺, 加速成功2016 - 2021, 是环境的责任. The college’s goals are to improve waste diversion rates 和 decrease emission production/carbon footprint.

创建于2007年, the Environmental Sustainability Committee leads the way in making sure that Georgian steadily makes progress on these issues 和 more.


As a leading postsecondary educational institution 和 responsible corporate citizen, 云顶集团游戏 is committed to practising environmental sustainability through education 和 corporate practices 和 balancing future growth with the protection of the environment.


乔治亚学院致力于推广, practice 和 pursue excellence in environmental sustainability through:

  • 遵守适用的法律和要求
  • 保护自然资源,防止污染
  • continuous improvement to maintain the highest environmental st和ards 和 practices

你亦可浏览我们的 能源节约与需求管理计划.


Staff 和 students preparing for campus cleanup - rakes in the foreground

Are you a Georgian employee or student who is interested in Environmental Sustainability on campus? 从委员会那里获取电子邮件!


Georgian aims to integrate environmental sustainability into all learning activities. Faculty in every program have been asked to look at how their academic material can take the environment into account. 许多人已经做出了改变,这是一个持续的过程.


参观 工程和环境技术页面 查看程序说明.

Some 环境技术 students displaying their reusable mugs as part of the # GCKilltheCup campaign


We are proud of the great progress we’ve made in environmental sustainability across all 校园 since 2007.



  • 由2008年(我们的基准年)起,把运往堆填区的废物减少50%.


  • Monitored waste diversion rates on an annual basis — check out 2018 report summaries from 巴里, Orillia欧文的声音 校园
  • 制定年度减少废物工作计划
  • Implemented on-campus points for cell phone, e-waste 和 battery collection
  • Implemented organic waste collection in kitchens 和 student labs at 巴里 和 Orillia 校园
  • 走廊收集增加了第三个“混合纸张”流
  • Promoted the use of reusable travel mugs 和 re-usable bags, notably through # GCKilltheCup,以减少校园一次性杯子和塑料袋的数量
  • 执行双面印刷及影印政策
  • 通过物理资源部回收的照明灯具
  • 推广电子通讯的使用
  • 书写工具回收
  • Ditching individual desk garbage/recycling bins in favour of shared waste stations with more recycling options
  • We’re currently creating clearer waste station signage, to improve sorting
Sara Tuck, 左, 和 Angela Bertram pick up garbage at the 巴里 Campus as part of 云顶集团游戏?2015年4月22日地球日,学校进行了两小时的校园大扫除. 一百多人冒着严寒和雨夹雪打扫学校?s 巴里, Orillia, 欧文的声音 和 米德兰 校园, collecting over 20 bags of garbage. (H和out-Georgian学院/ Doug Crawford)
乔治亚学院的员工萨拉·塔克, 左, 和 Angela Bertram pick up debris at the 巴里 Campus as part of Georgian’2015年4月22日地球日,学校进行了两小时的校园大扫除.



  • Ensure that all graduates of all programs have the knowledge to make sound environmental decisions in their personal 和 professional lives


  • 将可持续性融入课程和学习活动
  • 开发了与环境可持续性有关的新课程
  • Students in Georgian’s CNC program program use scrap blocks of aluminium rather than full blocks; filings 和 other scraps from student projects are collected for recycling
  • 主办绿色屏幕、低浪费活动及相关嘉宾演讲



  • 确保供应商和产品对环境敏感


  • All RFPs are now evaluated, in part, taking into account environmental considerations
  • Renegotiated Georgian’s office supply contract to only include “green” office supplies
  • 转为30%的消费后纸张库存
  • Major college publications are now printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper


  • Georgian has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 和 2014
  • recognized by Greater 巴里 Chamber of Commerce Green Step programs (gold level)
  • 特韦尔, 学院的餐饮服务提供者, has signed a contract to collect used cooking oil from the 巴里 Campus cafeteria 和 the Last Class for conversion to bio-diesel
  • Continuing efforts by Georgian’s Physical Resources department see huge gains in energy efficiency, 特别是通过引入改进的照明系统
  • Earth Day is marked annually by a campus-wide clean-up activities in which thous和s of pounds of waste are gathered up
  • Energy Conservation Week 和 Waste Reduction Week are often marked with special activities showcasing college sustainability initiatives
  • Hydration stations at most 校园 reduce the amount of plastic water bottles used
  • 可在特殊场合使用便携式回收装置
  • A Georgian award recognizes employees who have reduced their environmental impact at work
  • 学院使用绿色清洁产品
  • 现场会议技术
  • 电子垃圾资产回收
  • LEED建筑标准
  • 最近完成了第一个养护需求管理计划
  • 云顶集团游戏每年报告能源消耗情况
  • A student group called Green Thumbs is currently creating a campus community garden that will support Georgian’s food bank 和 the 云顶集团游戏餐厅



This is a group of student volunteers who work throughout 云顶集团游戏 to raise awareness 和 provide solutions for environmental issues.

俱乐部目前正在寻找新成员. 过去的环保学生团体活动包括:

  • 咖啡亭的早晨: Where the group serves Fair Trade Coffee once a week for those who bring a re-useable mug
  • 绿色的屏幕: Weekly/monthly screenings of environmental-related movies/documentaries
  • 自由引导: Public issue discussions that focus on specific environmental issues
  • 地球日清理:在校园和小湖
  • 回收下降:每周收集/丢弃不寻常的可回收物品(灯泡, 电池, 墨盒及手提电话)
一个深色头发的男生, slight mustache wearing a black suit st和ing beside a pull-up banner with the Georgian logo 和 "WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP GEORGIAN CLEAN.“一个戴眼镜的金发女学生,穿着一件棕色的衬衫, 粉色毛衣站在横幅的另一边.